11 Ways to Find a Podcast Guest for Your Podcast

  • Diana Aghumyan
  • March 30, 2023
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Podcasts have become increasingly popular all over the world. The latest studies revealed that there are more than 2 million podcasts globally. It is thanks to their accessibility and high-quality content. People can listen to podcasts in their spare time from any location. Besides, unlike reading or watching videos, there is no need to use your full concentration.

However, if you are just getting started, preparing quality content and finding relevant podcast guests for your show might be a bit difficult. You may wonder why. The latest research published by Statista states that by 2023, the number of podcast listeners will have surpassed 160 million. So, to grab the attention of the audience, you must provide compelling content.

In order to offer unique and engaging content, you need to host notable guests relevant to your niche. An interesting podcast guest is what makes a good podcast. They can share their expertise and give value to your audience. However, it is not easy to find podcast guests. Luckily, there are some useful tips you can follow to find the right people for your show.

In today’s blog, you will discover twelve ways to find podcast guests to enrich your podcast content and make it even more interesting.

11 Tips On How to Find a Podcast Guest for Your Podcast

As we have already mentioned, finding an expert who would like to come on your podcast show can be quite challenging. That’s why we have put together some actionable ways to use in order to invite prominent guests and field experts to your podcast.  So, let’s start!

  1. Conduct Field Research

Before you invite someone to your podcast show, it is important to do some research. If you send an email to people who are not a good match for your podcast, they probably will dismiss it. So, you should identify the target audience of your guest to avoid such issues. Most importantly, you should ensure that your audiences are similar for the content you create together to be as relevant as possible.

If potential guests are not sure that coming on your podcast will help them increase their brand awareness, they will not bother. Thus, you need to learn about the person thoroughly. This will allow you to come up with a solid pitching strategy and unique offer.

2․ Find Podcasts On the Internet

Whenever you are looking for certain information, the rule of thumb is to use the Internet. Regardless of whether you are searching for jobs, music partners, or new connections, the Internet is your greatest assistant.

The same goes for finding potential podcast guests. For instance, suppose your podcast is about music. In that case, you can look for music artists and bands. You do not have to contact everyone. Get in touch with the one you think is a good fit for your episode and send a podcast guest invitation.

3․ Listen to What Your Audience Recommends

Once you have built a loyal podcast audience, you will have a great chance to hear good suggestions from them. Ask your audience whether they know folks you should invite to your show and interview. To gather recommendations, you can either utilize your website or social media platforms. For instance, you can do an Instagram story. In this way, your followers will be able to leave their messages.

This method is highly beneficial as your listeners will surely tune in to listen to your podcast, where you have a conversation with their favorite person. So, your podcast episode will surely be a hit.

4․ Consider Inviting a Guest From Your Audience

Your potential guests might be among your audience. There might be some talented and interesting people among your listeners. So, do not lose the opportunity to invite your podcast fans to your show.

This is a great method for both finding a relevant guest for your episode and strengthening relationships with your audience.

Big probably, many of your listeners would like to be part of your podcast show and share their expertise. So, if you are looking for writers, musicians, psychologists, or painters, don’t go too far. There is a high chance they are your listeners.

Once they apply to become a podcast guest for your show, talk to them about all the details and start preparing for your next episode.

5․ Use Social Media

To find possible podcast guests, use social media, as it is a powerful networking tool. As each social media platform is unique, you must identify one expert in your field and choose to communicate with their target audiences. By sharing a post with them, you grab their attention and increase the likelihood of a business partnership.

You can also reshare their material to earn an interview opportunity. Even if they do not contact you right away, sharing their work enhances the chances of them accepting your invitation to appear on your podcast show.

6․ Try Online Guest Booking Services

There are many online guest booking services, such as Podcast Bookers, that podcasters can use to find their potential guests. Some of these services are free of charge, and others are paid. You can look for guest booking service providers and choose the one that fits your needs the best.

The main goal of such platforms is to establish a connection between podcasters and guests. That’s why such services have become a common way to find a podcast guest.

7․ Send Formal Invitation Emails

After you have decided who you will ask to be a guest on a podcast, you can write a formal invitation mail and mention why you would like to have them as guests on your show. Your email should clearly show that you have done the research and know who your guests are, that you appreciate their time, and that you have a great reason for them to want to be on your episode.

A person using his laptop and sending an email

Pitching to a famous person can be challenging. It might be difficult to persuade them to join your podcast. However, it does not mean you should give up on it and not even give it a try. On the other hand, pitching to a less famous guest can be easier. Remember to give valid reasons why you want your guests to be on your podcast in both cases.

8. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not only a great platform for finding a job but also for making new connections. You can find people in any field. The search results will suggest the most relevant people. You can contact them via LinkedIn messaging or email. People usually leave their contact information public on LinkedIn.

9. Write a Strong Pitch

Every day, many influential people receive hundreds of invitations to become a podcast guest. If you want to grab their interest, your pitch must be distinct and interesting. This is especially true for well-known people who can significantly contribute to your podcast. Thus, make sure to avoid writing basic and dull texts to reach out to your potential guests.

Make your request as brief as possible so as not to leave a boring impression. As a result, it is critical to include all relevant information in your pitch while keeping it as short as it is possible.

10. Ask for Recommendations From Your Guests

All of the professionals you have invited to be interviewed on your podcast have a stellar reputation in their respective fields. It is now your turn to respectfully request that they provide you with phone numbers or contact information for other professionals in the field. Obtaining references from guests is an excellent method to expand your network.

After thanking your guest for their time, ask for references. This is one of the simplest methods for inviting professionals to your podcast. As a significant personality suggests his name in the field, the next guest you will invite through reference will feel obligated to appear on your show.

11. Participate in Networking Events

Taking part in networking events is another great way to find a podcast guest. When you go to such events, there is a great chance that you will meet people with different backgrounds. You can meet businessmen, entrepreneurs, artists, web developers, and so on.

Two businesswomen handshaking

So, look for networking events and attend them. Approach people and try to establish connections. Talk about your podcasts and tell them that you are looking for people to invite to your show. Maybe some of those people you meet would like to take part in your show or recommend their friends and colleagues.


To summarize, fresh guests provide new ideas and improve the number of people who listen to your podcast. As a result, podcasters are continuously looking for special podcast guests with new ideas for their episodes. Podcasting is becoming more popular, and the number of listeners is increasing year after year. All that matters in podcasts is the content, and that is what podcasters compete for when looking for podcast guests. However, hosting well-known individuals might not be as easy as you think, but nothing is impossible, and you must persevere.

We hope these 11 tips mentioned above will help you to start your hunt for a podcast guest. Do not give up if you receive too many rejections or, even worse, unanswered emails. This is normal, especially when you are just getting started. This is a sign for you to change your methods of finding guests for your podcast and craft the perfect pitch to instantly grab the attention of your potential guests.

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