9 Podcast Ideas For Your B2B Business

Podcasts are more than just a passing feed; they’ve become increasingly popular as dynamic content marketing tools. Many businesses use them for storytelling, sharing their expertise, and discussing complicated topics. Podcasts allow marketers to reach out to a large audience which eventually results in increased recognition and thought leadership.

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular among consumers as marketers become more reliant on them. In reality, podcast viewership has increased. Currently, there are 383.7 million podcast listeners worldwide as of November 2022. This number is expected to increase by the end of the year.

Podcasts are a fun and engaging way to reach both current and new audiences. One of the best advantages of podcasting is that it is not difficult to get started: all you need is a microphone and engaging ideas for a podcast to get started and reach a global audience.

However, B2B podcasting is a little different. When launching a podcast for your business, you need to consider technical aspects such as the type and techniques to employ. However, creating a B2B podcast is not as challenging as you think. If done correctly, you will be able to reap benefits such as high ROI.

With today’s continuously shifting content demands, running a business has become much more difficult. B2B podcasts, as a rapidly evolving technological and content development channel, can be a valuable complement to any marketing strategy.

So, in today’s article, we will discuss the most popular podcast topic ideas you should try for your B2B business.

Why Use Podcasts For Your B2B Business

Despite the fact that podcasts have only been around for a little over 20 years, the most recent statistics show that there are over 2 million podcasts available globally. There are great reasons why you should consider B2B podcasting. The most obvious reason is that it is a great way to get your brand, business, and products or services in front of the right people. B2B podcasting can also allow you to connect with other influential people in your industry and open new opportunities for growth and development. 

Besides, when you create episodes that give value, you can easily repurpose your podcast content. This can help to speed up your creative process. When you simplify your procedures, you have more time to focus on the more creative aspects—in other words, the enjoyable stuff. It also allows you to devote more time to your podcast marketing approach.

With B2B podcasts, you can attract new customers and new buyers. It is an excellent addition to your sales process and can help propel your sales team to new heights.

9 Great Podcast Ideas You Should Try For Your B2B Business

  1. Co-Hosted Podcasts

Starting a podcast on your own might be intimidating. You have to spend time generating podcast ideas for your show. There is nobody to bounce ideas off of or help you figure out if you’re doing this podcasting thing correctly. All you should do is count on yourself. And what if things go tough? You must struggle through the difficult moments on your own.

Adding a co-host to the mix might sometimes make things easier. You have someone to reassure and support you. You can both share ideas and have a long and interesting conversation around a certain topic. Co-hosting can help your podcast reach new heights.

Especially if your co-host is energetic, you can rest assured that his/her energy can set a positive mood for a podcast and make your listeners feel engaged throughout the whole episode.

2. Panel Podcasts

Panel shows are another name for roundtable podcasts. There are multiple hosts who discuss or comment on a wide range of topics. However, there is one main host and a group of guests or co-hosts who share in-depth expertise.

Similar to the co-hosted show, roundtable podcasts spread the workload around a number of people, decreasing the stress on a single one. The more people there are, the more viewpoints and opinions the listener can hear.

3. Monologue Podcasts

Unlike the above-mentioned podcast formats, this format assumes having a single host who speaks throughout the whole show. An expert in a particular field usually hosts such podcasts. So, listeners can tune in to learn more about a certain topic or to hear an informed viewpoint on current events.

One of the greatest advantages of the monologue podcast is that you will not be reliant on others. The monologue format has the advantage of requiring no help from others. This approach, however, still requires extensive research. On the other hand, there is so much responsibility on your shoulders, and you have to do everything on your own. 

4. Interviews

If you lack fresh ideas for a podcast, give interview podcasts a try.

Similar to other formats of an interview, the interview podcast also features the host(s) interviewing the guest(s). The guests you invite to your show are expected to share their expertise or insights on a particular topic or industry. This format can later fall into two categories depending on what podcasting goals you have for your B2B business.

Two people recording a podcast together

  • Expert interviews

This podcast format assumes that the interviewer should ask questions about a certain topic to get deeper insights from the guest. Many people enjoy this format as they are highly educative.

  • Entertainment interviews

This type of podcast is more engaging and fun as guests usually come and share interesting stories from their life. So, this type of podcast allows listeners to learn more about the people they are fond of and discover their personalities from a new angle. 

Regardless of which format you choose, make sure to do some research about your guests before inviting them to your interview-style podcast. Learning about interviewees in advance will help you to prepare for a podcast show better and prepare relevant questions to ask and make the podcast as interesting as it is possible.

5. Theatrical Podcasts

This kind of podcast has recently become popular. Some theatrical podcasts, like audiobooks, have a single host narrating a story. Some podcasts in this genre utilize a large cast of performers and sound engineers to create more immersive experiences.

The goal of theatrical podcasts is for broadcasters to create fictitious worlds that captivate their audience. While this format does not require as much study as the others on this list, it still requires significant effort.

6. Industry News and Events

Both events and podcasts are effective because they provide audiences with an immersive experience. But combining them can result in an even more powerful experience.

A man reading a newspaper

Attend an event related to B2B and take notes of what you hear in real-time to accomplish this. During the intervals between sessions, you can give your views and feedback on the topics they’re addressing and the insights. You will develop a point of view and give audiences an educational experience relating to your industry by covering this event.

7. Q&A Session

It is vital in the B2B field that your messaging resonates with the decision-makers in your target audiences. This implies you must publish material that explains the reasons why your products and services will meet their business’s demands.

To do this effectively, hold a Q&A podcast that will allow your audience to ask questions. Allow them to direct the podcast by soliciting feedback via email, mail, or social media. When you have a sufficient number of queries, you can have your professionals do their best to answer them. By creating a Q&A podcast, you’ll have a clear direction for where to take the podcast and any other marketing content coming forward.

8. Interview With The CEO

Gaining information from your CEO is one of the best podcast ideas you can try, as it is a powerful strategy to grow your podcast audience. You should use their expertise in the field to create a Q&A-style episode.

During the interview, you can ask them how they launched their business, how they got to where they are now, and where they see their business and the industry going in the next few years. This type of podcast is an effective method to give your executives a voice and humanize your business for listeners.

9. Chatting With a Customer

Podcasts are an amazing tool for sharing stories, and what better narrative to tell than a success story? Invite an existing client and ask them about their relationship with your company. This will provide listeners with a realistic, real-time experience while presenting your B2B organization with an invaluable case study for future work.

The goal of this episode is to get your client enthused about the collaboration, which will serve two purposes: it will reveal their brand and the success they’ve experienced by using your products and services while also validating your own brand’s achievements with another business.


Podcasts are a fantastic tool for giving your brand a voice, humanizing the consumer experience, and sharing stories about your company. You have a great chance to produce quality content and increase brand awareness around your B2B business.

Your podcast will begin to appear on the top of podcast lists and consumers’ imaginations with unique podcast ideas and a catchy title.

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