11 Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

A podcast is a digital audio that you can download or stream from the internet to your smartphone, computer, or tablet and listen to whenever it’s convenient for you. According to research about podcasts, there are more than 2 million podcasts worldwide. 

A rapidly expanding and incredibly popular kind of media is podcasts. More and more people have started listening to podcasts. Based on podcast statistics, there are 383.7 million podcast listeners worldwide as of June 2022, and this number will grow to 424 million by the end of the year.

The original podcasts were created by individuals, but today businesses, media outlets, and other groups also create them. Companies like Apple and Spotify have extensively invested in podcasting, demonstrating how huge a business it has become.

Podcasts are a flexible form of media for the listener! Podcasts are convenient to listen to in a variety of situations, including when driving, cooking, traveling, or working, because they are only available in audio format.

Why Do People Consume Podcasts?

So what’s the objective or goal of a podcast? Why podcasts?

A podcast is a fantastic way for the listener to learn about a certain subject—and/or be entertained!—in a way that is convenient for them. Given their expanding popularity, podcasts now cover a wider and more in-depth range of topics than ever before. They are also generally free and simple to find.

A podcast can have a huge range of purposes and advantages for the podcaster. By educating and entertaining listeners on a particular subject, podcasts are a terrific method to grow and service an audience.

So, if you are still wondering why do people listen to podcasts, then you should read this article. In today’s blog, we will walk you through some benefits of listening to podcasts which hopefully will change your mind.

11 Powerful Benefits of Listening to Podcasts You May Not Know

  1. Allows Multitasking

Are podcasts worth listening to? 

Yes, indeed.

Being able to listen while on the go is one of the biggest benefits of listening to podcasts. Now, wherever you are, you may enjoy some entertainment or acquire a new skill. Because of this hands-free, eye-free kind of entertainment, you’ll look forward to your daily tasks and commute to work. Your workload will seem considerably lighter if you listen to it while folding clothes, cooking dinner, or doing the dishes. Podcasts offer a leisurely type of multitasking to your calendar in a world where we never seem to have enough time to manage work and personal life.

So, the short answer to what to do while listening to a podcast is whatever you want. 

2. Learning Something New

Why podcasts? The best way you can invest in yourself is through listening to podcasts. You may learn a lot of things, like marketing, business, chemistry, physics, content writing, languages, history, real estate investing, the arts, finances, fashion, and much more.

They enable you to learn more and get more involved in the subjects that interest you. Additionally, practically any topic you might imagine has a podcast available. Learning has never been simpler than it is now, thanks to podcasts.

Additionally, you can clearly understand some answers to your questions by listening to podcasts. If you are struggling with some subjects at school, for instance, you can find a podcast that addresses the topic you find difficult to understand. 

3. Convenient to Listen to

People have become so busy that they cannot find some free time to do the activities they enjoy. They are overwhelmed with their jobs and daily duties, and the only thing they want at the end of the day is to sleep and gain some energy for the next day. Weekends also pass quickly, and there is no opportunity to dedicate some time to ourselves.

Luckily, there is a great solution for super busy people. You may easily listen to your favorite podcast on your smartphone while out for a run, driving, or even at the grocery store. This is such a fantastic method for staying informed and engaged while on the go. Additionally, you can listen to your favorite podcasts while working too. 

This is the convenience of podcasts—you don’t need to set aside time for it.

4. Easy Access

One of the benefits of podcasts is that you have quick access to a wealth of knowledge thanks to podcasts. A phone and a stable internet connection are all you need. This is one of the most important benefits of listening to podcasts.

There are thousands of podcasts available for free download, most of which may be accessed through mobile apps. Some are cost-free, while others demand a monthly fee. Even downloading podcast episodes so you may listen to them offline is possible with some apps.

Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Audible, and Stitcher are some of the top podcasting applications. Spend some time deciding which platform is best for you, then start listening right away.

5. Improves Your Mood

When you’re feeling down, listening to a humorous podcast might really help. Laughter is known to be the best medicine. The frontal lobe of your brain evaluates a joke as you hear it to decide whether or not it is hilarious. If the lobe finds the joke amusing, it sends an electrical signal to the cerebral cortex, which causes our body to react by laughing.

So, if you want increased cortisol levels and only positive vibes, you should definitely consider listening to a fun podcast. After a difficult working day, the only thing you want is to consume some light content. Listening to a humorous podcast will be the best decision in this case.

6. Free Entertainment

Podcasts are an excellent source of free portable entertainment. Like downloadable radio programs, you can listen to podcasts on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

In addition, they provide more than simply free entertainment. Each and every person can learn something from the world today.

As with online courses, master classes are pricey. There is no need to invest a lot of money to learn about any subject you’ve been interested in, thanks to podcasts.

7. Reduces Stress

As it turns out, relaxing sounds can cause the brain to release oxytocin. Oxytocin, sometimes known as the “love hormone,” is a chemical in your brain that has a positive impact on your emotions, such as trust and relaxation. So, good mood is among the benefits of listening to podcasts.

Smile emojis

A short session of guided mindfulness meditation can raise your levels of the hormone oxytocin, which can lessen your tension and anxiety. So, if you had a difficult working day, come home and put on a podcast about meditation or one with binaural beats, and just calm down.

8. People Become Better Listeners

As they are solely about hearing, podcasts help us appreciate the basic act of listening. They encourage us to listen, focus, and then use our imagination to create pictures of the tale we’re listening to, which allows us to engage in what we’re hearing.

If the subject is one we are interested in, podcasts can pique our interest and encourage us to listen attentively. As a result, listening to podcasts contributes to becoming better listeners. This skill can be helpful in various situations, both in daily life and at the workplace.

9. Podcasts Inspire Us

You can seek inspiration in podcasts if you ever feel helpless and depressed or if you lack motivation. There are some stories that inspire and allow you to relate. Success stories or advice from the authors to help you reach your goals in life can be found in such stories. Some podcasts feature people’s continuous travels, which you might find interesting. Knowing that others share your burdens will help you to feel less isolated.

Everyone must have faith and hope since these serve as your pillars of support during difficult times. You will need to stay positive and believe that things can get better. You can listen to podcasts that inspire you to keep living better, and that boost your optimism. You can come across stories that affirm your emotions and motivate you to take care of yourself better.

Happiness is not a requirement for maintaining mental health. Nevertheless, you should always be kind to yourself and aware of your feelings. By connecting you with other listeners who have similar experiences, podcasts can help you manage your emotions.

10.  Enriched Vocabulary is One of The Benefits of Listening to Podcasts

Listening to podcasts, be it about marketing or finances, can highly enrich your vocabulary. No matter how well you know a certain language, there will always be some words or phrases unknown to you. So, every time you hear some strange words, you can look them up in an online dictionary to find out their definitions. 

The definition of the word decision on Google

In this way, you will highly improve your vocabulary. The more words you know, the better you will speak in a particular language. These words can help you while writing papers or doing presentations at a university or workplace. So, do not lose your chance to learn something new and impress others too. 

11. Easy to Comprehend

In contrast to reading articles or viewing videos, listening to podcasts does not require a fixed location or uninterrupted focus. One is free to listen to podcasts while engaging in daily activities such as cleaning, driving, walking, exercising, cooking, etc. In other words, it practically involves no effort on the part of the audience to listen to a podcast.

Unlike written blogs, audio podcasts are engaging as well. Podcasters discuss a range of subjects in an open dialogue. As a result, they engage the audience and effectively deliver the message.

Listening is generally simpler compared to reading. Presenting your expertise, business, or narrative via a podcast is more impressive and easier to understand than doing it through printed texts and messages.


As you can see, podcasts have become one of the most widely consumed forms of entertainment. They are available on the web for free, and people can listen to podcast episodes whenever and wherever they want. 

Additionally, listening to podcasts positively affects our mental health. So, if they are feeling upset or frustrated, find a fun episode and enjoy it.

It goes without saying effective listening to podcasts is in terms of learning. Whether you want to learn about link building or accounting, you can find podcasts relevant to your needs and interests.

Once you are aware of some of the most important benefits of listening to podcasts, the only thing you should do is Google your favorite topic and find podcasts to listen to. 

Thanks for reading!

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