20 Amazing Podcast Topic Ideas You Should Try

The term Podcast is a combination of the words iPod and Broadcast.

Podcasting began as a largely independent tool for individuals to spread their message and develop a community of people with similar interests. 

There are no restrictions on length, style, format, or anything else. You are free when it comes to creating podcasts.

Podcasts can be divided into “seasons” like Netflix series, or they can be episodic and continuing.

New episodes are typically released on a weekly basis. However, there are daily podcasts, weekly podcasts, and whatever publishing schedule a podcaster chooses.

Simply put, a podcast is a collection of episodes.

These episodes are audio files that are most likely hosted by podcast hosting services such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

What’s intriguing about podcasting is that it is relatively simple and inexpensive to create your own show. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, there are more than 2.4 million podcasts as of June 2022. 

So, if you want to get started but lack fresh topics for a podcast, then you are in the right place. In this blog, we will introduce you to some interesting show ideas which can help you grow your podcast show and attract more listeners.

How to Choose a Good Podcast Topic?

1. Define Your Areas of Interest

It will not help you cover popular podcast subjects if you are not interested in or motivated by them. You want your material to be authentic, and the first step is to choose something that you enjoy and are passionate about.

Consider what you think might be an intriguing podcast topic. It might be anything, including botany, fashion, psychology, or something as simple as nutrition and cooking.

2.Learn Your Target Audience’s Needs

Good show ideas and subjects are derived not just from you but also from a thorough examination of your target audience. This is critical to grasp because this is the audience you want to attract to your podcast.

What do they like? Where do they come from? What do they prefer to do in their free time? What are their issues (and how can you aid them)?

These kinds of questions will help you figure out what your audience could find intriguing podcast subjects to discuss.

20 Podcast Topic Ideas to Grow Your Podcast in 2023

Below we have put together some interesting podcast topic ideas for beginners and not only. 

1. Psychology 

Psychology is one of the most interesting topics for a podcast worth trying. Many people are interested in the human mind and behavior. So, why not cover this topic in your podcast show? You can discuss sub-themes such as mental health, depression, social cognition, anxiety, different types of relationships, psychological disorders, and so on.

The importance of psychology has never been more important than today. People are seeking answers to questions, and your podcast show can become an excellent place to get the right answers. Additionally, you can invite experts in the field who can share their expertise and give some recommendations to your audience.

2. News

Indeed, news podcasts are not something new, but there are a few ways you can switch things up. For instance, you can only discuss breaking news or focus mainly on political news. So, keep people updated by covering fresh and important news.

3. Product Reviews

Product reviews are one of the best podcast topic ideas. It is popular among listeners since it assists them in making purchasing decisions.

It works especially well if the product is new. You could, for example, compare a new product to a similar but older product. If you want to use video, you could make an unboxing video and share it on social media platforms.

4. Technology

While cybersecurity and blockchain technologies are currently trending topics, you can choose to concentrate on simply tech in general. You can mix it up by covering a variety of topics, such as the most recent tech. 

The famous robot WALL-E holding a potted plant

5․ Social Media

Everyone is on social media, so if you are not taking advantage of a social media-themed podcast, you are missing the chance to grow your show and attract new listeners. You could discuss social media agencies, digital marketing trends, the importance of micro-influencer marketing, social media trends, and more.

6․ Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and fashion are great topics to do podcast on.

In your podcast, you can talk about beauty brand news, skincare products, products to avoid, straight hair tips, or how to cope with serious skin problems.

This theme will surely grab the attention of girls and women who are looking for ways to improve their physical appearance.

7․ Nutrition

There are many people struggling with weight loss. They want to improve their lifestyle, eat healthily, and lose some kgs. Your show can cover helpful tips and information, healthy meal recipes, foods to avoid, and more.

A healthy breakfast with oatmeal, berries, a cup of coffee, and tulips on the table

8. Healthy Lifestyle

Smoking, not doing enough exercise, eating too much junk food, and not sleeping enough are unhealthy habits that many people want to avoid. So, you can talk about healthy lifestyle practices, the importance of doing workouts, drinking enough water, and so on. If you manage to create good quality content, your podcast show might become life-changing for many people. 

9. Book recommendations

If you like reading books, you probably have many recommendations. 

You can discuss a specific genre during your podcast shows or talk about trending books. For instance, if you read an interesting book, you could briefly summarize it in your show and talk about what you liked or disliked the most. Besides, you can take calls from your audience and give suggestions based on their interests. 

10. Short Stories

If you are fond of short stories, you can create a podcast where you will read some famous short literature pieces and discuss them with your audience. You can freely design your content for both adults and kids. 

11. Movie Recommendations 

People who love movies will surely like your content. You can discuss the best movies in 2022, the worst movies of all time, celebrities, characters, facts, and so on. 

You can also take calls from random people among your listeners and ask them to share their insights about a particular movie. 

12. Art

This is a topic that will definitely interest people. If you are fond of visiting galleries, museums, artists, and painters, you can talk about it during your shows. 

Art lovers would be eager to discover things they did not know before. So, do not miss the opportunity to share valuable information with your listeners.

13. Pets

Who does not love animals? They are people’s best friends. 

A cute white cat lying on woman's knees

If you are passionate about this topic, you can talk about how to take care of certain cat or dog breeds, their funny habits, and details from their secret lives.

14. Science

If you have a scientific background, you can create a podcast to explain complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. There have been numerous creators in recent years who have developed ways to make science appealing. Besides, based on the research, 74% of people listen to podcasts to learn something new. So, students, for instance, who are struggling with subjects such as biology, physics, or chemistry, would highly appreciate finding information that is easy to comprehend.

15. Cooking 

Are you fond of cooking or baking? If yes, then you should definitely share your expertise with your listeners. You can recommend some recipes, focus on some famous dishes from different countries, and the list goes on.

16. Digital Marketing 

If you have a background in digital marketing, you can share your knowledge with your audience. For instance, you could discuss some trends and tips, how to use digital marketing for small businesses, mistakes to avoid, and so on.

17. Music 

Is music vital to your life? Create a podcast that delves into the lives of your favorite musicians, explores the industry, or shines a light on your local independent artists or music bands.

Pink wireless headphones  

18. Local Food 

If you are into your local food, start a podcast and discuss different cafes, restaurants, and food trucks in your city. 

You can even organize some interviews with cooks and review the food you try in different local places. 

19. Travel Tips 

Travel is a popular topic for podcasts because so many people enjoy it.

Give fantastic travel advice and recommendations, discuss travel gear, and more.

Don’t be scared to choose a specialty; you might have a luxury or budget theme, an outdoor vacation theme, or a theme mix.

20. Fitness

Exercise for the body is just as vital as an exercise for the mind. You can provide recommendations and let trainers weigh in on how to get the greatest outcomes, whether you’re running, cycling, or swimming. Could you perhaps discuss your own fitness journey on your fitness podcast?


Choosing a topic for a podcast is highly essential. A good idea for a podcast should be attractive to both you and your audience. If you pick a topic you truly like, it will be interesting for you and enable you to work on your episodes with great passion and enthusiasm.

Choosing a topic that is on the rise or that already has a developed market ensures that there is a ready audience for new and engaging material.

You must be cautious about existing competitors. If you begin in an oversaturated market, your breakthrough may take a long time, and financial success may arrive later.

While the podcast market is less saturated than other types of media, regular efforts to make your presence known to podcast listeners are required. You may establish a loyal group of listeners through strategic planning, topic selection, and the creation of valuable content. Podcasters can establish a name for themselves by focusing on interesting podcast themes.

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