10 Benefits of Podcasting for Your Business

  • Diana Aghumyan
  • January 5, 2023
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According to a dictionary definition, a podcast is a digital audio file that covers a variety of topics that you can download or listen to on the Internet. You may wonder where the name of the podcast comes from. There is an interesting story behind its name.

When former MTV video jockey Adam Curry and software engineer Dave Winer launched the “iPodder” in 2004, they formed a new type of content called a podcast. A user could download internet radio broadcasts to their Apple iPod using the program known as The iPodder. Here, the word “podcast” and its meaning were first coined by combining the words “iPod” and “broadcasts.”

Nowadays, podcasts are an extremely famous form of audio entertainment and are more than just downloadable radio shows. A host creates a series for each podcast, which is then posted online episode by episode. Subscribers can download and listen to each new episode once it is released. For instance, there are 9 million Canadians over 18 years old who listen to podcasts every month, according to BuzzSprout’s podcast statistics. And this is not only in Canada. Podcasts are popular worldwide.

Another great example can be South Korea. 58% of adults in South Korea listen to podcasts on a monthly basis. In contrast to more conventional content production methods, such as TV and radio shows, podcasts are an easy way for content creators to reach their target audience. Besides, as no one regulates it, you do not need a broadcasting license to publish podcast content. Anyone who has a passion for podcasts, basic podcast equipment such as a mic, recording, and editing software, and a subscription to a hosting platform can create their own show.

If you are wondering about podcasting benefits, you are in the right place. We have put together some of the advantages of podcasting that will motivate you to start your podcast.

10 Powerful Benefits of Podcasting for Business

You can reach your audience in a new way, thanks to the world of podcasting. People are addicted to listening to podcasts because they are a comfortable and easy way to learn new knowledge.

Are you still considering whether to launch a podcast? Have a brief read of the advantages of podcasting, and then let’s check to see if your opinion has changed.

  1. Helps to Build Brand Awareness

One of the benefits of podcasting is its ability to build awareness around your brand. There are numerous podcast directories where people might search for topics and industries that interest them. It’s a great start if you are where people are looking.

Wooden letters saying who are you

The wonderful thing about podcasting is that branding can be implemented in a very subtle way. For instance, if you’re making a video podcast, you can include your logo and company’s name in the introduction and outro of your video. This will help listeners remember you without feeling like they’re being sold to. Even though podcasting is not a sales tool, you can still make people recognize you.

2. More Personal Connection

People usually like listening to podcasts when they are alone. Many individuals enjoy listening to podcasts while driving a car, traveling, working out, running, walking their dogs, etc., all very solitary activities.

As a result, they are unknowingly being broadcast into someone’s ears, frequently very close to them through headphones, and the podcast’s purpose is to prevent that person from feeling lonely.

One of the benefits of podcasting is the opportunity to develop strong relationships with your listeners because they will get used to your voice and presenting style.

3. Builds Brand Authority

Podcasting provides brands with a platform to speak about their expertise, passion, and niche in their field. Talking about topics you are good at and with confidence will enable you to establish yourself and your company as an expert in the market. In this way, you will strengthen existing customer relationships and build brand authority and trust among your listeners.

Below you will find some tips on how to build authority with podcasts.

  • Be consistent: You’ll get more engagements if you’re more consistent. Have a scheduled time, share shows consistently every week or month, and establish trustworthiness with your audience. As a result, they’ll be more inclined to tune in if they are aware that you will give free content every week.
  • Be a confident professional in your industry: Your podcast allows you to provide quality content to your listenership for free. Organizing interviews with experts, giving away useful tips, and sharing your expertise with your audience will help you build a loyal listener community. So, share your expertise confidently- the more content you produce for free, the more chances there are to convert people into paying customers.
  • Focus on quality: Producing high-quality content for podcasts is a must. Luckily, it does not require a lot of financial investment. Make sure each episode has a meaning, is planned in the right way, and is appropriately edited. After all, each show should give some value to the listener and should match your podcast’s purpose.

4. Helps to Attract New Customers

When you create engaging content that gives people value, it attracts customers’ attention. As podcasts are more engaging than blogs, people prefer to use this method of audio entertainment.

However, it would be best if you kept people’s interests and needs in mind while launching a podcast. If you are willing to reach a specific audience, make sure to do your research. More specifically, you should find out who they are, what preferences they have, where they come from,  what content they would like to consume, and so on.

Doing proper research and answering the above questions will enable you to create a buyer persona and connect with your target audience.

5. Increases Website Traffic

Increased website traffic is one of the greatest benefits of podcasting. As long as you regularly publish podcast episodes, you will be able to drive traffic to your website. However, in order to generate more traffic, you need to pay attention to podcast quality. Producing mediocre-quality content and expecting to have enormous website traffic would be a bad idea.

Instead, you should never forget that content is king. It is key to success and essential for bringing a lot of traffic to your website. If you manage to produce high-quality audio or video content with your podcasts, your audience will recommend your podcasts to their friends, relatives, colleagues, and family as well. It is well known that word-of-mouth marketing is a powerful tool. So, make sure to invest in good editing software.

6. Increased Revenue is One of The Benefits of Podcasting

Some businesses start doing podcasts without realizing how beneficial they can be in terms of income. If you manage to grow your listenership and build a loyal audience, there will be many opportunities to monetize your podcasts and make money.

Hands holding a pile of dollar banknotes

Below you can find some common ways to monetize your podcasts.

  • Sponsorships – In order to promote a sponsor’s product or service, you must first contact the appropriate sponsors and businesses in your niche. “This episode has been brought to you by [brand name]” is a phrase you may have heard podcast hosts use at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of their show.
  • Paid Membership – Podcasters use this strategy to monetize their content. Listeners can purchase access to premium features like private Facebook groups, podcast merchandise, and special content through the paid membership tier.

  • Donations –  By asking for donations, you can earn money with podcasting in another easy way. You’d be surprised how many listeners are eager to donate to support their favorite podcast. Since it’s simple to promote, it’s also a great method for businesses to begin making money right away.
  • Live Podcast Events – A real-time recording session that listeners may attend and witness in person can count as a live event for your show. When you sell event tickets, you can make money. Then, when you publish your episodes for regular listening, you may make money by monetizing them with sponsors and adverts.
  • Podcast Advertising Network – Podcast ad networks are third-party platforms that serve as a go-between for podcast hosts and advertisers. PodGrid, Podcorn, Midroll, and AdvertiseCast are famous podcast ad networks. These platforms place advertisements into your program and charge per 1,000 ad impressions (CPM). Additionally, they deduct a percentage from your earnings, so ensure to read the terms and conditions to find out how much they deduct.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate partnerships are about selling other products or services under a special link. The podcast host receives a percentage on the sale when listeners click on this affiliate link and purchase the good or service.

7. Easy to Implement

It goes without saying that the technology and tools you employ for recording and editing your episodes have an impact on the podcast’s quality. Content creators should strive to raise the caliber of their work as a business or podcast grows and develops. But launching a podcast is inexpensive and rather easy.

In addition to a computer and an internet connection, which you most likely already have, you will need a microphone and podcast editing software. These are all not too expensive. So, one of the greatest benefits of podcasting is its cost efficiency.

8. Easy to Comprehend

This is one of the most important advantages of podcasting, as Listening to podcasts doesn’t require a set location or uninterrupted focus, unlike reading articles or watching videos. While performing daily tasks like cleaning, driving, walking, exercising, cooking, etc., one is free to listen to podcasts. In other words, listening to a podcast requires almost little effort from the audience.

Audio podcasts, in contrast to written blogs, are also entertaining. Podcasters engage in open dialogue about a variety of topics. As a result, they interact with the audience and convey information clearly.

Comparing hearing to reading, listening is easier overall. In comparison to printed texts and communications, presenting your brand, business, or story via a podcast is easier to understand and more remarkable.

9. Helps to Target a Whole New Audience

Everyone learns differently, as can be seen by a quick glance around the classroom. Some people learn best by hearing things like lectures. Some people learn best visually. Thus, they require a presentation to take notes from. Others would prefer to spend time reading alone.

You can only connect with readers when you write content, which limits your audience. Here comes one of the amazing benefits of podcasting which is the opportunity to reach a whole new audience. You can reach a new audience that is equally interested in what you have to say by adding a new dimension through audio material.

10. Easy to Repurpose

Imagine that you recently published a blog post that has received a lot of attention. The number of comments on your site has skyrocketed, and your readers are sharing it like wildfire on social media. Here, repurposing will be helpful.

Since you’ve previously established that your audience is interested in the blog post topic, this gives you a special chance to reach more people with your podcast. You can share your opinions on the same topic in an original and fresh way by turning the written content into audio content.

As the content has already been written for you, you can also save time and effort throughout the creation process. You just need to add a few extra details, stories from your own life, and personality. After that, you have a fascinating podcast episode that only took you an hour!

The Takeaway

Your business will have more opportunities if you use diverse marketing tactics and tools in your daily operations. In a world with advanced technology, podcasting is one method you may use to advertise and talk about your brand. They may have an impact on your sales, but they also foster a sense of community that could turn into a valuable and lasting asset.

Brand recognition, networking with people in your business, establishing yourself as an authority in your niche, and natural (and economic) lead generation are all advantages of podcasting.

You’d be surprised at how effective your branded podcast can be if you find the appropriate angle and offer insightful content to your target audience, even if your company doesn’t feel “flashy” or trendy.

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